David’s progress report. Only understood 8 years after he wrote it!

I saw that despite the human desire to be one with God, God was not at one with himself – he longed for death but being begotten not made could not end and could not end his loneliness. Instead through a process of inscape and escape he generated a fantasy – investing himself, investing ourselves (or at least the parts of us that are him) in a multitude of life.

He invented a game, perhaps a lie with his other half. God is not good, the devil is not bad, they are separate faces of the same coin – the same being but multi-faceted and they both personify different ways of playing the game and ending the loneliness.

The game represented a drive towards the total disintegration of the mono into the polly and was a catalyst to provide separate identities which could understand each other.

Unknown to himself, God was pointing a gun to his head…….


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