The clear, L. Rons return

Admittedly this is just one man’s story – it only could be one man’s story as not only was it thought he was “Clear” some even said “I think he’s L. Ron. ” in saying that countless have suffered in this way but just not as intensely and for as long.


3 thoughts on “The clear, L. Rons return

    • Available on Amazon under “Psychotic Memoirs”
      By David Forest. The first book mentions dianetics once
      But philosophically is very Scientology.
      The second book is not Donnie Brasco but is real life. Admittedly there is so much more that could be written – possibly important things left out (eg friends’ obsessions about whether David remembers anything under anaesthetic) but both books are written as the events unfolded without allowing present insights to pollute the narrative.

      As a stand alone book Psychotic Memoirs ( coming out the journey within) is perfectly fine but it is only with Psychotic Memoirs (escaping Scientology) that the first book is put in the sphere of black dianetics and covert Scientology.

      There is more to come – much more!

      And hopefully other survivors of this brutality will break their silence and publish and be damned;)

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